About Me

I am a developer.
(and a family man, and a kayaker, and a fisherman, and a wood worker, and a..)
Also, this is just a stock photo.. I wish I had that much hair, or that profile.

I’m a web and application developer living in New Jersey (the friendlier southern end of the state – no Jersey Shore shenanigans going on here) I love to tinker with new technologies and build lots of things. Over the past few years I have dedicated my studies mostly to to the core technologies of front end web development – HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I’m also not shy about diving into some native mobile development in Objective-C or Java, love messing around with game frameworks like Phaser and ThreeJS, and do a lot of server side work as well, having recently gained a new appreciation for PHP through the Laravel framework. I am also a fan of run on sentences. Sorry about that.

As a lead developer at Nxtbook Media I’m constantly looking ahead to where technology is taking us, and the forces that are driving it. I often take deep dives into new frameworks as they pop up, search for interesting and novel uses of javascript and css, and – as any good developer should – I write a ton of code on a daily basis.

When I’m not writing code, I’m usually engaged in my other all consuming passion – kayak fishing. If I’m not out on the water, then I’m probably off on an adventure with my family. If I’m not with my family then I’m probably messing around in my little workshop, and if I’m not there then hopefully I am finally sleeping.

If after reading all of that you’re thinking to yourself “Gee, I wish I knew more about this most assuredly strikingly handsome and intelligent young gentleman…“ then we probably haven’t met.

If you’re still interested, then you may be able to glean more from my inaugural post on this site, which doubles as a sort of cryptic mission statement and love letter to what I do.

Finally, if you’d like to talk to me, just say so! I can be reached via Twitter or good old fashioned email.